Working Remotely: Tips For Social Media Marketers


Given the concerning circumstances surrounding coronavirus, numerous people have found themselves working remotely for the first time in order to prioritize their health and safety. While many might welcome the widespread changes of working from home, others are left wondering how to make their remote workdays as efficient and productive as their days in the office. Adding to the stress of a completely different environment with new and unavoidable distractions is the uncertainty of how to go about business as usual in the marketing world. Working through these turbulent times can be challenging for sure, but if you approach it the right way, the transition can be fairly seamless. Read our tips below to learn how to smoothly and successfully tackle your social media marketing responsibilities while working remotely.

Create your ideal environment

The first step in any successful work from home situation is designating a spot for a productive workplace. Contemplate which room or corner you will actually want to go into to start your workday. This space should be (mostly) free of distractions and a place that will put you in a good mood (consider sunlight, colors, windows, noise levels, etc.), regardless of how many hours you might be working there each day. Establishing a work environment that makes you happy not only benefits your mood, but also ensures higher levels of productivity.

Make a plan and stick to it

A routine can truly be your saving grace when working from home for long periods of time. Map out your day and determine a schedule that keeps you engaged with your work by asking yourself the following questions and more:

  • Are you more productive in the mornings or afternoons?
  • Do your clients prefer phone calls within certain office hour windows?
  • Does your productivity level fall off if you get too hungry?
  • Do you feel more accomplished if you change into office clothes for the day?
  • Do you get distracted easily?

Develop a daily itinerary with these things in mind and stick to it. Enlist the help of apps like Google Calendar alarms to keep you on track if needed. On top of that, to-do lists are always a great idea. Much like an editorial calendar keeps you on course for social media posts, a prioritized list of tasks can keep you organized and on course when working virtually.

Trust in technology

As social media marketing managers, our jobs are almost exclusively online, so we are no strangers to technology. Your tech use might need an upgrade, however, as you begin working from home. In order to continue communication with your marketing team, you might familiarize yourself with Skype or Google Hangouts. To better stay on track with work tasks, you might invest your time in learning about online task managers like Todoist. More often than not, the technological tool you’re looking for already exists, so establish the needs of your remote office, acquire what you need, and take the time to learn how to put these tools to use.

Continue office communication

As time goes on, you might feel a bit distant from your team or officemates, but don’t allow this to hinder team communication. As suggested above, technology can keep consistent communication flowing among team members. Schedule weekly email updates, online chats, or Skype meetings to keep in touch and ensure everyone is doing well and on the same page work-wise.

Set realistic expectations

If you weren’t already in the habit of writing five blogs posts per day and scheduling social posts for ten different practice groups each week, don’t expect to accomplish this miraculously because you now work from home. Set realistic goals each day, each week, and/or each quarter, and tackle them just as you would while working in your office.

Take breaks

Lastly, remember it is important to step away from the computer for a moment every now and then, for efficiency and for your own wellbeing. Take a lunch break, take a mental break and get a snack, or step outside for fresh air when you get the chance. Time can slip away from you when you are cooped up inside all day, which can encumber your motivation and mood for the days to follow.

Social Media Marketing Help

While it can certainly be done from home, the role of a social media marketer takes a great deal of time and skill. If working remotely has left your law firm in need of help with managing its social media channels, contact the experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. today.

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