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Why Your Law Firm Marketing Should Include SlideShare

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Marketing your law firm digitally has changed rather dramatically over the past decade. Not only do lawyers of all practice areas now need to effectively use social media (at the very least LinkedIn), but they must also manage a substantial amount of SEO copywriting, including regular blogging. But how will people come to read that digital content? Inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing means what it sounds like – marketing designed to drive users inbound to your law firm website or other digital properties from external locations. You can use all forms of social media, video sharing, and other tactics to encourage users to click on a link, which drives them to the digital location of your choice.

Using SlideShare as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

SlideShare is one of many online social networks that businesses and individuals can use to raise brand awareness and spread their messages. Its main function is to allow registered users to share presentations, infographics and other visual content. Lawyers and law firms often overlook this platform, yet it remains very well respected and is used successfully around the globe in other industries.

Four Important Reasons Your Law Firm Should Use SlideShare

  1. Ease of Sharing – SlideShare content is easily embedded on your law firm website, and just like an embedded YouTube video, viewers can run through your slides while still on your website. SlideShare decks are easy to share via social media to deliver your visual content to visitors and prospects. Users can also download and save your actual presentation or infographic directly from the website, which I have done often myself!
  2. Search Engine Optimization – SlideShare is excellent for building off-site SEO, as it can include a word-for-word transcript of your presentation beneath each slide.  The transcripts should be optimized around the keywords for which you’re looking to drive website traffic. In addition, placing your content on SlideShare provides inbound links to your website from a domain of higher Page Rank, which the search engines like.
  3. Make Yourself an Authority – SlideShare presentations can be used to demonstrate your thought leadership and subject authority. Gone are the days when boring downloadable whitepapers, e-books, and PDF tip sheets will work to make Internet users find you exciting. Digital users want their content in easily digestible, highly visual format.
  4. Repurposing – Lawyers have a lot of presentations, trial graphics, and assorted imagery associated with their cases, industry speaking engagements, and more. SlideShare is a free way to repurpose something your lawyers have likely already done and create new value. In addition to PowerPoints and trial exhibits, lawyers in today’s digital age have likely created FAQ pages and other advice pages on their websites. You can use your existing FAQ’s and other helpful digital or print content to create new slides just for SlideShare, linking back to your original piece (if it is digital).

Who Should I Follow on SlideShare?

Here’s how I am using SlideShare. You are welcome to follow me, although I have only just begun to develop my own channel – most of my work has been and continues to be done helping other lawyers and law firms. There are several people I follow on SlideShare worth mentioning, but here are my current top recommendations: 

Adrian Dayton

Carolyn Elefant

Mitch Jackson

Rocket Matter

Kevin O’Keefe

Get Started with SlideShare

You can click here to open a SlideShare account today, and make it an integral part of your law firm digital marketing strategy.  Don’t want to upload and optimize your own backlog of items? Don’t know which items to pick? Contact us anytime for help!

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Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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