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Before Writing a Blog Post, Know Your Audience

When an attorney is in a courtroom for a hearing, they know their audience is the judge.  When an attorney makes a closing argument in a jury trial, they know their audience is the jury.  When an attorney is in a mediation trying to settle a case, they know their audience is their client, the mediator, and opposing counsel.  While understanding the target audience in legal proceedings may be second nature to most lawyers, do the same legal practitioners know their audience when they... [MORE]

Legal Marketing: Lawyers’ Five Most Common Questions

What is SEO and do you do that? I speak to lawyers I know and lawyers that cold call me for advice almost every single day. Over 75% of them ask me about SEO without the faintest idea of what it means or if it even truly matters, but are still prepared to spend money on it because they “heard” they need it – and they do. SEO is search engine optimization.  The long and short of it is this: search engine optimization means that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are better... [MORE]

Eight Ideas for Second Quarter Law Firm Marketing

As we closed the books on 2013, we wrote about how to prepare your law firm for its 2014 marketing. We know that lawyers and business owners are often too busy running their companies and performing their work to focus a significant portion of their time on business development. Our company provides outsourced legal marketing consulting services for law firms without an in-house marketing director and for firms with marketing staff who want an outside opinion or extra help. If you... [MORE]

How Much Time Should Law Firms Spend on Marketing

Are you spending too much time marketing your law firm – or not enough? Do you know how many hours you and your staff spend on marketing? While best practices will vary by firm and talent, below I provide industry guidelines to help you quantify your marketing efforts.  Blogging Blogs are a great way to gain traction with search engines, trust with your readers, and position you as an expert in your practice areas … if done correctly. It is easy to set up a blog on your website. I... [MORE]

Top 10 Lawyer Marketing Mistakes

I spoke in Chicago at the first ever AAJ Marketing Seminar: How to Promote and Manage Your Practice. I was asked to speak about the top marketing mistakes I see law firms make. While I could have spoken for hours, I chose to limit myself to 10 issues, addressing several in depth in my hour-long presentation. What Am I Doing Wrong? 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes: Focusing on one component instead of creating a comprehensive strategy Failure to monitor social media Poorly... [MORE]

How to Measure the Success of Your Law Firm Blog

Most lawyers know by now that adding quality content on a regular basis to their law firm website is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy. But, even if law firms are adding content to their websites, most do not monitor any metrics of blogging effectiveness. Legal Content Can Be Kind of Dull Creating interesting or compelling law firm website content must be done on a continuous basis, and you should always improve upon it. How many times can one write about... [MORE]

Start a Blog During Law School

Nov 29, 2015 | by Stacey Burke | Content Marketing | Blogging
What Is A Blog? A blog is a digital location where a collection of posts is stored. A blog can be private, requiring password access, or it can be public, which allows anyone with the URL to read what you post. Blogs began as online journals where bloggers wrote about their day-to-day activities; but now blogging encompasses a broad spectrum of Internet content. A blog can be about anything, but for purposes of this post, I recommend that one law student maintains a blog about... [MORE]

Everything Is Interesting: Making Traditionally Boring Topics Relevant

Aug 09, 2016 | by Emma Hanes | Content Marketing | Blogging
If your law firms implements a content marketing strategy like blogging, you will quickly be faced with a very harsh reality: the field of law is boring to people who don’t work in it. The old saying, “write what you know,” often falls short when lawyers try to become bloggers because what do lawyers know? The law. And what is the law? Boring.  So how can law firms blog successfully? Although the law is generally boring to the layperson and average Internet user, a small kernel of... [MORE]

10 Ways Lawyers Can Promote Their Blogs

Oct 14, 2016 | by Stacey Burke | Content Marketing | Blogging
Content marketing has become an integral part of law firm digital success. Adding content to your law firm website lets search engines know you are keeping things fresh and draws in new readers with compelling, timely content. Before you promote your blog posts, you should make sure your posts utilize at least the basics of law firm blogging best practices. The basics include:  Drafting blog posts of 350 words or more Making sure you have completed metadata for your blog... [MORE]