Digital Marketing Is Not Just For Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Anymore

It seems like only a few years ago that the only lawyers who dared to advertise online, showcasing their case results, awards, certifications, honors, and other such selling points were members of the plaintiffs’ bar. While lawyers seeking to help victims of negligence fought hard to get the right to advertise in a meaningful way to potential clients that might otherwise not find them, lawyers in many other practice areas maintained their disdain for advertising their wares by limiting themselves to boring corporate websites or by not having websites at all.


Marketing Tips for Lawyers

I started Stacey E. Burke, P.C. (SEBPC) in 2010, to establish my own entity even though I was still working full time for another law firm. I used SEBPC primarily to write digitally optimized copy for law firms in practice areas that were non-competitive with my employer. At that time, my favorite part of digital marketing was writing copy. I have a public relations journalism background and enjoyed getting to write copy beyond legal pleadings and correspondence, which also did not require a litany of legal citations.

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